ACR SOLAS Light


    ACR Water Activated SOLAS Flash Light, Yachting approved for Cat 1, 2, 3 and 5(at night). Meets the requirement for LSA 2.2.3Light

Can be fitted to the Oral Tube of any Inflatable Lifejacket.



    Rescue Laser Light

Features: Nighttime signaling device, Visable up to 32 K's (20 miles). The beam becomes wider with distance. Effective during the day at reduced distances. Locate reflective material up to 1.6 K. (1 mile). Waterproof to 80 ft. Replacable 3 volt lithium battery. non-flamable non-hazardous. .

$149:90 inc. Freight Free


    Water Proof Dry Bag

    These will fit the latest phones up to the larger Samsung Galaxy & Samsung Note. Designed for any water activity when you need to keep things dry. Wallet, phone or small camera.

$10:00 inc Freight Free.





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