Welcome to : PFD1 Pty Ltd

Approved Test / Service centre for many other branded

pfd's (lifejackets).


The Australian Volunteer Coastguard Victoria and South Australia wears the PFD1 Blue Water 150N on their vessels.

Approved test Centre for, PFD1, SOS Marine, Spinlock, RFD, Axis, Shimano, Marlin, Burke Marine, Hutchwilco, Stearns, ULTRA and Jarvis Walker PFD's


National Boating Handbook

Authorised Service Centres

  1. Albury

  3. PH 0439 712 200
  4. EMAIL info@pfd1.com.au
  5. Web www.pfd1.com.au
  6. Adelaide

  7. Personal Floatation Device Servicing SA
  8. PH 0497 804 266
  9. EMAIL sa@pfdservicing.com.au
  10. Web www.pfdservicing.com.au